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Custom Walls and Vanity Mirrors

Since antiquity mirrors received an unlimited value related to beauty, elegance, and charm, at Global Glass Pro we are proud to provide you with advice, experience, and sobriety in the design of your project. For us, no project is too small and no project is too big. Mirrors can prove to be a versatile decoration. A wall mirror can be used in a variety of ways to present the decoration of any space.

Global Glass Pro Glass Bathroom Vanity Mirror

You can expect the highest quality mirrors

Global Glass Pro has extensive experience in mirrors and glass. We also only use the greatest quality pieces for your wall or vanity mirror.  Global Glass Pro can design and install your new residential or commercial mirror. Global Glass Pro can fine-tune and customize your mirror, whether it is an entire gym wall mirror, to a simple bathroom mirror, we do it all.

We can provide quality that exceeds your expectations. Global Glass Pro will verify that your mirror is installed correctly, without a second trip. We can customize the size of your mirror, depending on what you would like.  Global Glass Pro can build your next mirror, brightening any room it's in.

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