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Restore Brilliance and Functionality with Window Repair Services

insulated glass replacement

Fogged or Broken Glass & Window Replacement

fogged glass repair
insulated glass

Sometimes moisture is found inside the double glazing windows. As a glass specialist, Global Glass Pro intervenes to help you repair your window

Fogging inside windows is often due to poor ventilation. However, if the housing is sufficiently ventilated but there is still condensation inside the windows, check the condition of the glass joints.

Low-E Glass

low-e glass

With the harsh winters we know in the USA, the main objective is to prevent as much as possible the heat of the house from escaping through the windows. In the fenestration industry, the terms "double glazing", "triple glazing", "insulation interlayer", "sealing" and "low-E" are often used. Do you know the impact of Low-E on the energy efficiency of a window?

When a window is called "Low-E", it means that in winter, thermo allows the sun's rays to penetrate to the maximum in the house, heat, and light. On the other hand, the glazing has the characteristic of restricting the range of heat towards the outside.

In summer, the angle of the sun, for a large part of the day, limits the amount of heat that passes through the glazing without hindering the light.

Servicing Windows and Doors

patio and french door glass replacement

Patio & French door Glass Replacement

single and double hung window repair

Single & Double Hung Window Glass

If your glass is fogged or broken, single or double pane, All our patio doors services guarantee high insulation performance and maximum comfort on a daily basis

Commercial Storefront Glass Replacement

Glass Storefront repair

with a range of 3/8" to 1",  double pane insulated glass comes with or without grids, Tempered and Low E, Global Glass Pro is a leader in repairing or replacing a broken or foggy IG Units double pane windows or glass doors,

Single Pane Glazing

Glass Windows repair
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